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Judges Commit Fraud on the Court in Lee County Florida
As a Homeowner who has been served with three mortgage foreclosure complaints, allwithin the past five years, and all pertaining to the same residence in Lee County,Florida; I have often wondered if it is possible to seek justice in Lee County, Florida?My story, as a pro se defendant, has gone down a path that has produced more questionsabout the integrity of our justice system than I can possibly ask at this point. I havecertainly learned a great deal about mortgage foreclosure complaints, Florida law,Florida’s civil rules of procedures, and the Rocket Docket Program. However, myexperiences continue to leave me with the same question; is it possible to seek justice inLee County?I would like to share a Charlie Green “Rocket Docket” experience that I discovered whileseeking justice during my latest mortgage foreclosure complaint. As I understand it, partof the integrity of the justice system, as well as the responsibility of the Clerk of Court isto maintain the accuracy of the Docket. My discovery may give rise to a new meaning of 

the word “Rocket” in the Rocket Docket Program
Honesty is such a simple thing that performs wonders in court.  However, in this case after nearly seven years of intense suffering, with our constitutional standing discarded, with our fundamental rights obliterated, with our our hardship equated to a frivolous case, honesty has taken a back seat and the presumption of innocence seems to overcome the preponderance of evidence while the world is watching intently.  Now, we believe it is fitting to inform the public at large after warning the trial court for months of the imminent comprehensive media coverage.  of our findings after broken promises and bad words given by officers and judicial officers of the court. This is by no means intended to disparage the image of our judicial system in America which happens to be the best around the world. Instead, it is a solemn call to return to the original quality of justice our forefathers held when they drafted the Constitution, and a call for justice and the appearance of justice for all, as prescribed by the United States Supreme Court, the United States Department of Justice, The United States Congress and the Historical and Honorable President of the United States,o Barack Obama whose citations are an integral part of this Federal Case. Plaintiffs hasten to maintain that America is still the best among all countries around the globe with a unique democratic system second to none. African American Plaintiffs, now residing in Columbia Maryland, further maintain that, this is not another ploy to achieve a fifteen-minutes of fame as some would conjure up. Plaintiffs kindly ask the public to abstain from conjectures that would only complicate and increase pain further in this case after nearly seven years of mental anguish and torturous suffering. Plaintiffs believe that the democratic system of check-in-balances in America can purify itself upon findings of irregularities and inconsistencies. This is an unprecedented Federal case # 3:06cv95 entailing Real Property, property rights, fundamental and civil rights and whole livelihood lost causing severe injuries in damages and collateral damages (Bankruptcies and foreclosures) to Pro Se plaintiffs while the President of the United States is pushing for jobs creation. I am your host, Sony Roy and I am a Pro Se plaintiff that has suffered bitterly at the hand of the Walton County for nearly seven years despite all attempts to obtain relief and bring this matter to finality

Just before we begin, we wish to present this simple statistical analysis of FRAUDS UPON THE COURT being a highly popular issue, resulting from an SEO code search as listed, published or alleged in the United States and abroad: as you can check for yourself here by clicking: GOOGLE There are 4,060,000,000.00 (Four Billion Sixty Millions sites) on Google alone, that address the subject of FRAUDS UPON THE COURT. 
Now, here are the alleged TEN FRAUDS UPON THE COURT in Florida:
ALLEGED FRAUD #3) THE TRIAL COURT ABORTED TWO SCHEDULED TRIALS WITH FINAL ORDERS DEFIANTLY  (PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT)  Wouldn't it be easier to have a jury trial in 2007 than to drag this case to where it is now and still be unjust and unfair?
ALLEGED FRAUD #4) COMMISSIONER'S INVOLVEMENT AND OMISSION (NEW EVIDENCE PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT)  None is above the law.  So, why are some exempted from facing the law?
ALLEGED FRAUD #5) THE DISTRICT COURT NEGATED EXTORTION BY A MINOR GOVERNMENT TO EXTINCTION (NEW EVIDENCE PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT)  We understand EXTORTION TO MEAN as defined by FINDLAW "the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force, or threat of 1) violence, 2) property damage, 3) harm to reputation, or 4) unfavorable government action. While usually viewed as a form of theft/larceny, extortion differs from robbery in that the threat in question does not pose an imminent physical danger to the victim."  That is exactly what the Walton County did to African American plaintiffs.  Is this fair or unjust?  
ALLEGED FRAUD #6) THE TRIAL COURT NEGATED THE RESCISSION OF A PREDICTABLE ESTOPPEL LETTER TO EXTINCTION (PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT) while the 11 Circuit Appeal court stated to our understanding that "Although there was UNFORTUNATE CONFUSION with respect to the initial permission of the wall and the later withdrawal thereof"  Meaning, the Walton County broke their words to the detriment of the African American plaintiffs.  We beseech the High Court with its national jurisdiction to intervene and restore justice for the public in America.  Can a minor Government lie to citizens overtly and expect to be right in the end? 
ALLEGED FRAUD #7) THE TRIAL COURT NEGATED ALL DISCRIMINATION IN THE CASE TO EXTINCTION.  (PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT)  The lower court stated in writing that the area where that case took place was "HISTORICALLY RACIALLY SEGREGATED" then, negated all racial segregation to extinction as though the sole African American real estate developers on the gulf of Mexico in Florida, had no rights to be members of the "Protected Class."  That's not right.  In our opinion, the Supreme Court and the President of the United States must hear this expeditiously to restore the level playing field and the check in balances our democratic system can deliver.  Don't you think?  ALLEGED FRAUD #8) THE FEDERAL COURT  NEGATED ALL TAKINGS TO EXTINCTION WHETHER TEMPORARY, PERMANENT , REGULATORY, OR PHYSICAL (PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT).  The properties of the African Americans were lost through foreclosures and Bankruptcies to their demise.  Shouldn't there be fair accountability here? 
  ALLEGED FRAUD #9)  PREJUDICIAL OVERSIGHT OF NEARLY ONE YEAR by THE TRIAL COURT, NULLIFYING POSSIBLE INJUNCTIVE RELIEF IN 2006/2007.  (PRE-SUMMARY JUDGEMENT)  The Court through the Honorable Judge apologized in writing for wasting nearly one year with this case with nothing done on the record.  Then, in a surprising move, declared that plaintiffs' side has "wasted scarce judicial resources." This is outrageous, to say the least, in plaintiffs' view.  Would you accept this from the court?  You may be next.  Watch out!
ALLEGED FRAUD #10) REFUSAL TO USE RULE 60 DESPITE NEW EVIDENCES, OVERSIGHT, and  ABORTION OF TWO JURY TRIALS (POST SUMMARY JUDGEMENT) P.S. OVERSIGHT OF NEARLY ONE YEAR NULLIFYING POSSIBLE INJUNCTIVE RELIEF IN 2006/2007, WHILE REFUSING RULE 60 to REOPEN THE CASE in 2011. After all the nine frauds above, the trial court has now refused to reopen the case and is demanding that African American Plaintiffs pay attorney cost to the defendants.  We need the intervention of the Supreme Court now for order and equity. May plaintiffs find favor in the eyes of the high authorities at the Supreme Court that holds jurisdiction over the entire United States and for good cause. Plaintiffs believe that these individuals possess enough integrity and are capable to handle FRAUDS UPON THE COURT like the Honorables John G. Roberts, Chief Justice,  Samuel Alito, Stephen BreyerRuth Bader GinsburgElena KaganAnthony KennedyAntonin ScaliaSonia SotomayorClarence Thomas.  
Plaintiffs hasten to point out that what they had suffered in this case, they do not wish on any body else regardless of race, gender, creed, origin and nationalities.  The current President Barack Obama, whose quotes are integral part of these proceedings specially, urges "Congress to pass the American Jobs Act to put more people to work, put more money in the pockets of working Americans and give the economy the jolt it needs right now" (October 8, 2011 excerpts) However, the Court in Florida seems to utter a different command from what plaintiffs are experiencing, with judges that allowed African American property and their jobs to be taken away without just compensation or any relief as the Florida 1995 Act demands in the case of TAKINGS.   The case plaintiffs applied with the officer of the court is "LAND USE"  Now, it has all changed into a 1983 racial discrimination as seen on Pacer.  By changing the label, the defendants hope to change the style and the outcome.  However, we did not loose the color of our skin, we lost our property, our property rights, and our fundamental rights at the hands of a minor government apparently protected by the Federal court in Florida, while the Federal Judge wants the injured and impoverished plaintiffs to pay for attorney cost.

                Sony Roy
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